Santa for Commercial & Public Visits

Santa can help promote your business and community during the season. He can add good will and foster public spirit that we all want to feel when we are together.

Christmas parties

Thank your employees in a low-stress setting. Bring the Children. Meet Santa!

Business Promotion

Consider the many ways ...

Country Clubs/Civic Clubs

A Christmas party for your members can sparkle when Santa visits.


  • Parades
  • Christmas Tree Lightings
  • "Christmas in July"
  • School functions (PTA, library ...)

Charitable Events

Santa and Mrs. Claus are excited to help organizations feed and clothe children, and to help with music and art education.

Contact Santa ... Let's imagine together!

Visits during difficult times

Santa and Mrs. Claus visit families to bring a message of hope, love and community strength during difficult times.

Here are some examples:

  • hospital visits,
  • house fire or other family loss,
  • children with deployed or incarcerated parents,
  • death of family members or friends.

One specific example is Santa and Mrs. Claus’ visits to Camp New Hope.

Santa and Mrs. Claus often visit this beautiful camp located near Glendale Springs, NC. They bring a message of family love and strength to life-challenged children and their families. Visit the Camp New Hope website and see Santa there.